Cap Empire specialises in the manufacture, packaging and sale of coffee capsules, instant coffee and infusions

The company was founded by a group of entrepreneurs with over 20 years’ experience and important knowhow in the field of packaging single-serve products and in roasting coffee beans. Our ambition is to export the taste, aroma and values of Italian espresso throughout the world.

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The closed machine-capsule system, protected by international patents. The multi beverage system brings together the best of technology to obtain excellent quality.

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Le nuove capsule Cap Empire, compatibili Nespresso, sono nate per soddisfare i palati più esigenti e per esportare il gusto dell’espresso italiano in tutto il mondo.


  • We package closed-system capsules or capsules compatible with the leading systems available on today’s market.
  • We can personalise the coffee blend according to your requirements.
  • All grinding and packaging processes are carried out in a modified atmosphere.
  • We offer the possibility of supplying all the references and packages in our range with your own branding.
  • Flow packs or boxes in various formats, the choice of packaging is all yours.